Atsushi FUJITA

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Name & Contact
Atsushi FUJITA
Email: lastname (see above) at
Appointment & Address
Senior Researcher @ Advanced Translation Technology Laboratory, Advanced Speech Translation Research and Development Promotion Center, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
3-5 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-0289, Japan [Map]

Research Interests

Research Fields:
Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing
Research Topics:
Automatic Paraphrasing, Machine Translation, Text Summarization, any other types of Text Generation, Knowledge Acquisition, Lexical Semantics, Morphology, Neologism
Machine Learning, Data Mining, Social Network Analysis, Language Communication Support, etc.

Automatic Paraphrasing

We, human beings, can transform an expression to different expressions according to the given situations. My major research interest is in the area of such inner-language, meaning preserving translation, viz. paraphrasing (rephrasing, rewording, reforming, etc.). Current and past research projects are as follows:

Machine Translation / Computer-assisted Human Translation

Machine translation has achieved successes, especially in the last decade; however, it still cannot meet the strict requirement for high quality translations in real-world applications. We are working on improving statistical machine translation (SMT) and neural machine translation (NMT) systems from various aspects. Besides, we are also exploring practical means for using SMT/NMT and other NLP technologies to improve productivity of human translation.



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Daily Activities

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