Atsushi FUJITA, Dr. Eng.

Research Interests

Research Fields:
Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing
Research Topics:
Automatic Paraphrasing, Machine/Human Translation, Others
Machine Learning, Data Mining, Social Network Analysis, Text Annotation, Language Communication Support, etc.

Projects and Recent Publications/Presentations

Multilingual/Cross-lingual NLP (mainly Machine Translation)

We are conducting research on machine translation and multilingual text processing from various aspects, mainly with my colleagues at NICT, internship students, and sometimes in collaboration with researchers outside NICT.

  • [Koretaka+, 2023] WAT. Mitigating Domain Mismatch in Machine Translation via Paraphrasing.
  • [Rubino+, 2021] Eval4NLP. Error Identification for Machine Translation with Metric Embedding and Attention. (Best Overall Approach Award)
  • [Dabre & Fujita, 2021] MT Summit. Investigating Softmax Tempering for Training Neural Machine Translation Models.
  • [Marie+, 2021] ACL-IJCNLP. Scientific Credibility of Machine Translation Research: A Meta-Evaluation of 769 Papers. (Outstanding Paper Award)

Dissecting and Modeling Translation Process

A multi-institutional KAKENHI project "Developing a Translation Process Model and Constructing an Integrated Translation Environment through Detailed Descriptions of Translation Norms and Competences" led by Kyo Kageura.

  • [Honda+, 2023] HumEval. Designing a Metalanguage of Differences Between Translations: A Case Study for English-to-Japanese Translation.
  • [Yamamoto+, 2021] IATIS. Designing a Metalanguage of Translation Strategies for Translation Training: Demystifying the Art of Translation.
  • [Fujita, 2021] MT Summit. Attainable Text-to-Text Machine Translation vs. Translation: Issues Beyond Linguistic Processing.
  • [Miyata & Fujita, 2021] EACL. Understanding Pre-Editing for Black-Box Neural Machine Translation.

Re-designing and Creating Translation Resources

A multi-institutional KAKENHI project "Translation Resources for Local Governments (TR4LG)" led by Rei Miyata.